The Transcendental Meditation technique is a scientifically verified way to effortlessly reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and creativity, improve health, and gain inner peace.

The programs and activities of the Global Women’s Organization for Transcendental Meditation® are designed to develop the full potential and consciousness of women and girls everywhere, thereby spontaneously raising the collective consciousness of their families, communities, nations, and the entire world.

Global Women’s Organization for Transcendental Meditation® offers programs through five Foundations:

The Foundation for the Development of Consciousness proclaims that life in fulfillment is the birthright of every individual on Earth. To realize this, individuals need to develop the ability to act in accord with all the Laws of Nature. The Transcendental Meditation program and it's Advanced Techniques, enliven total brain functioning and enable an individual to grow in the direction of living in harmony with Natural Law, and thus gaining the ability to live a life free from mistakes and suffering.

This individual growth in turn promotes a rise in the collective consciousness that can form the basis for permanent national and world peace. Through ladies’ Peace Palaces in every city, this Foundation aspires to provide every woman with the knowledge of total Natural Law for her own health and happiness and for the health and happiness of her entire family.

The Foundation for Total Knowledge Based Education establishes Consciousness-Based, Enlightenment Based, ideal universities, colleges, and schools for women and girls. The curriculum includes the practice of the Transcendental Meditation program which develops the full potential of the student by enlivening total brain functioning. Research indicates that it supports the development of the student’s consciousness as well as her physiology, mind, intellect, emotions, and character.

The Foundation for Total Knowledge Based Health Care utilizes the Transcendental Meditation program to enliven the body’s inner intelligence to maximize the ability to prevent and also recover from disease, slow the aging process, and restore the functioning of the entire physiology to a state of holistic balance. Comprehensive health education and care will be offered to women and girls through women’s clinics and maternal health programs.

The Foundation for Total Knowledge Based Culture supports life in accord with Natural Law by enlivening the unity at the basis of all diversity—the Unified Field of Natural Law, accessed through the Transcendental Meditation program. The result is that every individual can uphold her own cherished cultural traditions while embracing all that enriches national life and promotes progress. Then the maintenance of cultural integrity, including all the traditions that allow life to be lived in accord with Natural Law, including celebrations which unite and inspire the community in waves of bliss and fulfillment is naturally lived.

The Foundation for Total Knowledge Based Music expresses the eternal music of Nature to create peace and balance throughout society; and encourages and upholds the various branches of creative activity in the fields of music, dance, and theatre arts which create a positive and uplifting influence in society, enhanced through the practice of the simple, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation. Very naturally women assume the role of uniting the family, community, and nation through these performing arts, moving the collective consciousness in the direction of harmony and unity by enlivening the most refined values of feeling and emotion.